Friday, 26 June 2015

Realizing my technology stewardship potential

There is that moment in life when you are in dire need to gain some knowledge that can be life changing not just to you but to the community at large. At one point in life, you may imagine that the knowledge is inaccessible, expensive or too complex for you. However, the opportunity may be so close to you. All you is to grab it and see the bigger picture.

This just happened to me like a few seconds ago -true i mean it, life can change in a second- its not a fallacy. web2.0 learning opportunity has been an eye opener to me. This is how it happened - there is no science fiction here- ( chuckles) just critical thinking. As a communication professional social networking and use of internet based tools is inevitable. The two have to go hand in hand for one to record success. Ever since I started my career after graduating from campus with a Degree in Communication and PR, this has been evident. The only challenge has been how to utilize all these tools effectively, but now am well equipped with this knowledge. Call me a communication expert, PR specialist, social media guru, professional, name them ........ ohh yeah.

Being a technology steward is easy and not rocket science as I had imagined or as you may imagine, it just calls for practice on how to scan, select, install, configure and support use of social media and web 2. 0 tools like; youtube, facebook, twitter, flickr, google+, picasa, blogs, dropbox, google drive, delicious, wikieducator, linkedin e.t.c. Of course not forgetting to help others use them according to their working needs and social structures and ensuring that their needs are met.

The process is systematic and starts with assessing their needs, evaluating their potential technology and selecting the most appropriate tool.  When selecting the tools choose between hosted ( cloud computing) versus installed tools. There is also the localized hosted tools, multiple social media tools, hosted tools, installed software and installed software licences. Always put into consideration the right software either hosted or installed and finally configuring and supporting the community on how to use the tools. The tools should be affordable, adaptable and should offer the functionalities needed. It is that simple?, you must be wondering..... sure it's that simple. Finally you need to practice, practice, practice and you will make the internet your good friend.

Come on, join me, lets make life easy by using social media tools for development. My dad once told me that knowledge is the only thing that cannot be stolen in this world, once you have it, it's yours forever, and sharing it makes you more knowledgeable. I still hold on to these words till date.

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