Thursday, 2 July 2015

Learn how to shorten links

Have you ever wanted to share an online story on your social media page or account but the link to the story is too long that it restricts you from putting your comment? This happens a lot especially on twitter, right? You don't need to worry anymore because am about to share with you a little secret on how to shorten your links. Its a magical experience, trust me.

This can be done from a site known as Bitly which offers URL shortening services.

Step 1: Copy your link from the URL address bar

Step 2:  Open the Bitly site on and scroll down to this point

Step 3: Paste your link under 'Paste a link to shorten it'

Step 4 : Click on the SHORTEN button and voila! you get your bitlink.

Step 5: Copy the short link from the copy button next to it and paste it on your preferred site; facebook,twitter,linkedin e.t.c together with your comment.

Now, lets easily share stories online.

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